Bill Cosby’s Wife Files for Divorce after Bill Confessed

CALIFORNIA – Bill Cosby’s wife files for divorce because he just confessed to the molestation of all 17 women who have publicly accusing the comedian of sexual misconduct. Many of the women say he drugged them before he raped them.

Bill Cosby’s wife has been with him through thick, but after he confessed; she decided to leave him. Camille wants a fast, painless divorce and doesn’t want any of his money..

Bill Cosby confessed his crimes to reporters  saying  “You know what, It’s true, I molested all 17 of those women, but so what?” and began to laugh hysterically.

Cosby’s wife Camille said “To be honest I feel betrayed, cheated, and left out after hearing that her husband raped over 17  women…!”

Bill Cosby will not be prosecuted, as the women waited too long to file the criminal charges. The only alleged incident that clearly falls within the criminal statute of limitations is the one involving Andrea Constand. That event purportedly took place in 2004 in Pennsylvania, a state that provides victims with 12 years to file a criminal complaint in sexual assault cases.

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