5th Graders Arrested For Attempting To BOMB School

Remember back in the day when the craziest thing kids might do is get in a little fight after school? Well now kids have moved passed that, and taken it to a whole new level… BOMBS.

school bomb
NEW JERSEY – A group of 10 to 11 year olds were arrested yesterday for plotting to blow up an assembly at the local high school!

According to police reports, the kids had plotted the attack for weeks and were willing and reading to carry it out. The only problem was that they didn’t have access to the explosive materials needed to make and explosive device and so they’re attempt was foiled…
“It was not a prank,” Police spokesperson Robert Bracken told reporters. “They had a legitimate plan. They didn’t have the right equipment, but the intent was there. This is very disturbing.” Bracken told reporters.
Police also recover a device for the attack without explosive materials.
What do you think? Are the cops overreacting or would the kids have really done it if they had the materials?
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