57-Year old Virgin Sues His Former School for Teaching Him Abstinence

A man has filed a $450,000 civil lawsuit against his former high school for “inappropriately promoting abstinence” as part of the sexual education program, saying these teachings had “ruined his life”.

57-year James Holmes says the sexual education he received at the Jemison High School was “traumatizing” and has caused him some severe psychological problems.

In an interview with ABC, he described the content of the sexual education classes which he says caused his psychological trauma.

“They taught us that God would smite us if we masturbated and that we would burn in Hell for eternity if we had sex before marriage. They showed us pictures of genitals infected with STDs and told us it was what God did to adulterers.”

These classes had such an impact on Mr. Holmes that whenever he thinks about sex, even today, he suffers from a severe panic attack.

“I’m 47-year old and I’m still a virgin. Every time I think of sex I remember these purulent genitals, so I start panicking, sweating and even vomiting.” 

In 2012, he was diagnosed with a Sexual aversion disorder (SAD), a disorder characterized by disgust, fear, revulsion, or lack of desire in consensual relationships involving genital contact.

This type of psychological disorder is usually caused by some traumatic event which causes sex to be associated with a painful experience.

He had to undergo years of psychotherapy and is still heavily medicated, that’s why he demanding almost half a million dollars from his former school.

The principal of Jemison High School, Frank Moore, claims his school sexual education is “exemplary” and denies any responsibility for Mr. Holmes problems.

The principal of Jemison High School has publicly reacted to the lawsuit in an interview with Christian Television Network.

He admits his school’s sexual education does promote abstinence when it comes to contraception.

However, he says the program also teaches that “sex is necessary for married couples to procreate” and is, therefore, not a bad thing.

He says that Mr. Holmes psychological problems are “clearly unrelated” to the teachings of his school and “were certainly caused by something else.”

Negotiation attempts between both parties have failed, so James Holmes decided to take his former school to court.

The first hearing for this case is scheduled for the January, and the trial is expected to take place in February.

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