2 Men And A 4-year-old Baby Charged With Several Robberies


DALLAS,TEXAS – Two 25-year-old men and a 4 year-old baby have been charged with a string of robberies in east Dallas.

According to report, Michael Rodriguez served as the robber while Nick Hays was the getaway driver the baby whose name is still unknown was the lookout in most of the incidents. All three were charged with two counts of aggravated battery. Rodriguez is facing six robbery counts, while Hays and the baby are charged with four, police said.

In the first two robberies, Rodriguez snatched a gold chain from a female’s neck as Hays waited in a getaway vehicle with the baby, police said.

First incident happened at a laundromat located on East Grand, while the second happened in a pharmacy located on Ferguson Road, police said.

Police said Rodriguez walked into a grocery store located on East Grand and attacked a male employee before taking his gold chain in the parking lot. He then ran to the getaway car driven by Hays.

A half-hour later, Rodriguez entered a pharmacy located on Gaston Ave stole a purse off a female waiting in the checkout line, police said. A surveillance video provided by police shows the female chasing the robber.

On Friday, a Dallas County Judge ordered both men to be held on a $500,000 bond while the baby is is being transferred to the Dallas County Juvenile Department, police said.

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