16 Year-old Gets Herpes After Doing “Condom Challenge” With Used Condom


DALLAS, TX  – The “Condom Challenge” craze has claimed another victim, 16 year-old Danny Cruz contracted herpes after using a used condom he found in his fathers bedroom.

Recently Girl Drowns While Doing The #CondomChallenge. So the question is why are teens and college kids still doing the “Condom Challenge”?

“In adolescence, there’s a feeling of invincibility,” Michelle Tyson, Ph.D., clinical professor of psychology says. “Because this generation is full of f*cking idiots who anything to be cool. They don’t think about the consequences look at Danny he looks like a walking ebola infected monster”.

Danny Cruz told his story and social media and has started a campaign to warn others about the dangers of doing sh*t you see on the internet. Like and share this article with your friends you could save a life.

Besides the obvious entertainment value! The challenge proves the idea that condoms are extremely durable and elastic. So there’s no excuse to doubt the effectiveness of condoms or second-guess their ability to accommodate the size of any human male’s “member.”

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